Lincoln Street Shore

With a little bit of snow and ice on the ground, prospects were limited for upland observations. However, Rowan had noticed a strange sounding insect earlier in the day down near the Science Center. Although she had picked it off the sidewalk and put it in the grass, I had a little hope she might … Read more

Upper Cross Trail and down the Ravine

The Gavan Hill ibuttons were due for collection, so I decided to make my way up to them for today’s outing. Overnight, snow had fallen. While there was no significant accumulation in town, the trees on the mountains were covered. I took a meandering pace to get there, stop regularly to look at, photograph, and … Read more

Return to the Estuary

I went back to the estuary this morning, today opting for the other side of the river, where I could be partially obscured by the trees. The tide was still rising when I arrived shortly before full flood, and I could see the ducks feeding along the edges or resting on the patches of higher … Read more

Rainy Walk Around the Park

Connor saw a male Eurasian Wigeon at the park this morning, so in the limited time I had to get out between work calls, I decided to walk around the park to see if it was still there. On my way out, I noticed a stump covered in Pelitgera lichens, mostly P. membranacea, which seems … Read more