Stormy Update

I’ve been a little quiet here recently. It’s been due to a mixture of things, including some busy times with work, a head cold that laid me out, and finally my main computer (and the one I process pictures on) dying late last week. I think work will (hopefully) stabilize, the cold has mostly run … Read more

Raven Radio Show #89 – Noah Siegel and Alissa Allen

Download Radio Show The 20 September show featured a conversation with Noah Siegel and Alissa Allen, who were in town to give a talk on mushrooms (Noah) and do a mycopigment workshop (Alissa). Perhaps unsurprisingly, our conversation focused on fungi-related subjects. Noah is coauthor of a soon to be published book Mushrooms of the Redwood … Read more

Heavy Rain

By the time a new day begins, it looks like over 4 inches of rain will have fallen at the airport in the 24 hours making up this calendar date. Over 3 inches of it had fallen by 2pm, causing Indian River to swell, but nowhere near what happened during the intense rain which caused … Read more

Rain Begins

The overcast this morning was thin, and there were some interesting patterns in the clouds. In particular I noticed what appeared to be a set of parallel waves off over Crescent Bay and Eastern Channel. However, by the time I got to a place where I could take a reasonable photo, the formation did not … Read more

Fog Mysteries

Photo from last night’s sunset No new photos from today, though had I not been already pushing my timing this morning on the way to class, I would have stopped to take pictures of some of the intricate wisps of clouds/lingering fog that were settled in against some of the mountains. I have often wondered … Read more