Fog Mysteries

Photo from last night’s sunset

No new photos from today, though had I not been already pushing my timing this morning on the way to class, I would have stopped to take pictures of some of the intricate wisps of clouds/lingering fog that were settled in against some of the mountains. I have often wondered how such delicate looking formations can occur. I understand what I see is condensed water droplets, but I don’t really understand why/how the fog pockets form in one spot, but not someplace else very nearby, or perhaps even more mysterious to me is how the tendrils persist and seem to move around. Unlike with smoke, it’s easy enough for the condensed water in a cloud to re-vaporize and become invisible. It would be interesting to learn more about how all of this works.

Although the forecast was for mostly sunny skies today, it ended up being cloudier than that. There was a fair amount of sunshine in the morning (along with plenty of clouds), but by mid-afternoon the clouds were staring to move in, and this evening it got to be overcast. No rain, however.

A busy day with work, so I spent little time outside. I did do a little reading out on the deck while the sun was between clouds. I also was able to pick a few strawberries that continue to ripen – they’re not quite as big, sweet, and juicy as they were at their peak, but it’s still nice to enjoy a berry or two once in a while from the ever bearing plants.

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