Indian River Valley

After a brief walk around the park this morning, I went with Connor, Rowan, and my dad up Indian River for a while. It started out clear and sunny this morning, but by the time we were coming back, the color of light had shifted towards red, and this evening the sun was barely visible through the clouds/smoke.

It was a pleasant walk up along the trail and then into the muskeg. The muskeg was fairly dry, with many of the puddles, especially at the upper end, showing little or no water. There were quite a few dragonflies and some damselflies out, though I didn’t see any dragonflies other than Hudsonian Whiteface (a young one that Connor caught is shown above). We also saw some moths flying around, but did not end up catching any of them. Rowan and I did find a pupa that seemed pretty new. I learned they will move if disturbed, which maybe I had known before, but forgot. We brought it home and have some hope that it will emerge as an adult at some point.

Lots of pollen still on the leaves of the low growing plants, I suppose that will be the case until we get a good bunch of rain. My shoes were coated in a yellow crust until I washed them in the river at the first bridge on the way back.

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