Light Snow

It was overcast, but still quite chilly, with a very light snow this morning. The wind seemed to be mostly coming out of the southeast, and seemed a bit biting. Overcast conditions remained throughout the day, and mostly it was not snowing, though later this evening enough snow fell to leave a light partial coating of the ground.

I think more gulls might be starting to show up, as I noticed quite a few picking along the shores of the Channel during low tide this morning. They don’t have too long to wait for an additional food source, as I saw some long-liners gearing up and heard the season starts this weekend.

I was interested to see that Harbor Mountain had enough snow sticking to the trees to make them white while Gavan Hill did not. Later in the day Harbor Mountain looked equally bare and I’m guessing the wind knocked the snow off (and perhaps is why Gavan did not have much snow in the the first place, though at the time I thought it was just different amounts of falling snow).

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