Chilly March Day

Walking through Totem Park this morning, I noticed that Indian River is quite low. I guess I’ve not paid close enough attention to say if it’s as low as I have ever seen it (it’s not quite as eye catching as the high water events), but it must be close. I’m a little surprised there isn’t more ice with the cold nights and slow moving, low volume of water. I’ve noticed before that the amount of ice in the lower part of the river doesn’t necessarily correlate with the coldness of a coldsnap, but while prior weather seemed like a good explanation in that case, it’s less clear in this case. I suppose the relatively warm daytime temperatures (at or a bit of above freezing) may have been sufficient to keep the ice off the river.

While on the bridge in the park, it was fun to watch an American Dipper diving down into the crystal clear water as it foraged for food. There wasn’t really time to try to get video of it, but I was tempted.

Later this morning the kids and I went out to the south beach at Halibut Point Rec. We had a try at traversing the little seaside 10-20ft cliffs while the tide was out. I didn’t make it as far as I possibly could, but wasn’t too motivated to keep at it as my fingers were getting numb from the cold air and rock. Connor seemed to have fun trying as well, Xtratufs and all.

I spent most of the time relaxing in the sun (though I did go with Rowan so she could show me the little cedar she found the last time we were all there) while Connor and Rowan ran around playing hide and seek or other exploration games. Unfortunately the wind started to come from out of the south a bit and that combined with temperatures in the 20s that made it a little less comfortable than it has been on other recent occasions. Thank goodness for windproof fleece.

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