A few notes

Just a couple of brief notes from a day spent largely in bed resting.

Had the first ibutton malfunction so far. I was reading one today and found that the last recorded observation was from 13 November, though the device was not full and the mission was still active. Tracked it down to a non-functioning clock. This was one of the new ones I received as replacements for those I gave to be used on a fish and game project – hopefully it’s not indicative of what I an expect from others in that batch.

There appeared to be American Wigeons on Swan Lake, though I didn’t get a great look during a quick drive by. The lake was probably 75% iced over, but had plenty of open water down at the lower end.

Spent a good chunk of my non-resting time getting fungus photos into the wiki. Up to 68 fungus species marked as in the wiki with a pretty good bunch still left to take care of. I expect to be over 100 species by the time I get through current photos.

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