Crescent Harbor

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Still fighting a head cold, and despite pretty nice weather for this time of year, spent much of the day inside trying to rest.

Snow level dropped a little last night compared to recent days, but still up close to 2000 feet. With skies clearing by around mid-morning (too late for the eclipse, though I had planned to get up and at least have a look, I barely woke up when I turned off the alarm and was pretty much immediately back to sleep), it made for some pretty spectacular views. I have always liked the look of fresh snow part way down the mountain with clear blue skies above.

Was interesting to see both a Common Loon and a Pacific Loon at the mouth of the harbor. The other bird observation of interest was a loose flock of Pine Grosbeaks actively flying and calling around the neighborhood. It was hard to get a good count, but there were certainly at least 7, and I think probably 10 or more.

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