WR: Night Four

Mystery Call: I’m not sure what this is, perhaps an owl? Possibly a human? Download Mystery Call

Gulls: The gulls have been quite vocal. I’m pretty sure these are about 1/8 mile or more away over on Indian River, where they are feeding on the spawned out salmon. Download Gulls

Golden-crowned Kinglet Calls: I believe the high frequency calls are from Golden-crowned Kinglets. The primary calls are in the 7-9khz range, but there’s also a higher frequency call in the 8-10khz range that I think is also from the same bird. Download Golden-crowned Kinglet Calls

Winter Wren Calls: I’m pretty sure this is a Winter Wren calling, and I believe they are alarm calls. Download Winter Wren Calls

American Robin Calls and Song: I was interested to hear this robin calling in the morning. There’s a bit of quieter singing and then some alarming at the end. I think it might be a couple of birds, but I’m not sure. Download American Robin Calls and Song

Winter Wren Calls: I think these Winter Wren calls might be an alarm, but it doesn’t seem too worked up. Download Winter Wren Calls

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