Window Recordings: First Night Highlights

I decided to start a new project were I record out my window each night. I plan to upload highlights and include some brief notes. Last night was the first night of recording.

It was fairly rainy through much of the night with a bit of a breeze, both of which will be noticable in the various clips. Mostly it was quiet (other than the sounds of the wind, rain, and the occasional car or plane), but I did catch a few things.

Western Screech Owls: I believe there were two owls calling back and forth. Recorded around 11:30pm. Download Western Screech Owls

Mystery Call and Breeze: This clip starts out with a sound that I might think was a child screaming, but for the time and the quieter follow up. I’m not sure what made the call. There’s a brief few notes from a Western Screech Owl followed by the breeze rustling tree leaves. I didn’t note the time of this, but I believe it was between midnight and 2am. Download Mystery Call and Breeze

Falling Branch: Early in the morning, a branch spontaneously broke and fell. It was not particularly windy at the time, so perhaps it was just an accumulation of moisture in the branch after the night of rain, and it gave way. Time not noted. Download Falling Branch

Steller’s Jay: A longer clip of a Steller’s Jay moving through the back yard and woods. Download Steller’s Jay

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