Daily Observations

Those who check this site frequently or subscribe to the feed may have noticed that a few back dated posts showed up today. My internet connection has been spotty for the last three weeks, so keeping up with things has been a bit of a challenge. Hopefully the maintenance work GCI is doing in the … Read more

Red-tailed Hawk Questions

While hiking on the Middle Sister a couple of days ago, I heard a call that sounded enough like an eagle, that I might have passed it off as a strange eagle, had I not seen the bird. Fortunately, as I hiked up, it flew from its perch and landed in another tree. My brother … Read more

Golden Glow Mystery

While hiking around Mosquito Cove last week, I happened to notice this yellow coating on the mud underneath a stump. I thought it might be spores or something from a fungus growing underneath the stump, but when my brother looked underneath, he didn’t see anything. He went around to the other side to get a … Read more