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Kayaking Crescent Bay at Sunset

Those who check this site frequently or subscribe to the feed may have noticed that a few back dated posts showed up today. My internet connection has been spotty for the last three weeks, so keeping up with things has been a bit of a challenge. Hopefully the maintenance work GCI is doing in the area will be completed soon and the service will be a bit more reliable.

I recently acquired a skin-on-frame kayak (built by my brother in a class taught by Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayak; everyone I talked to about it thought it was a great class). It has a marked advantage for me over the other kayak I have been borrowing for the last year or so in that it is relatively easy for me to carry by msyelf. I went for a couple short paddles last week after I got it and decided to take advantage of a nice evening and paddle around Crescent Bay as the sun was setting.

Weather: Another sunny and warm day. There was a think layer of high elevation clouds that started to move in from off-shore this afternoon. Winds were calm this morning and evening, but it was a little breezy during the day.

Birds: There were lots of gulls along the beach at the park this evening (the tide was fairly low). It seemed to me that most of them were Mew Gulls, with quite a few juveniles mixed in. I will probably try to get down there again in the next couple of days to verify this, get some photos, and look for unusual gulls.

I saw a few Marbled Murrelets out in Crescent Bay. The one I got closest to appeared to have fish in its beak. I am guessing it was preparing to head back to its nest.

There were a couple of Great Blue Herons along the shore line.

I did not see any phalaropes, though they should be in the area by now.

Other Notes: The Pink Salmon were thick enough that I could feel them hitting the bottom of my kayak as they startled away from me on my approach to shore. Perhaps the dim light made it more difficult for them to see me coming, because this didn’t happen when I was starting out.

SC1 Kayak

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