Recent Observations

For some reason I haven’t really been getting outside too much lately. I guess it’s easy to feel like staying in as the days get shorter, the rain falls, and the temperature hangs in the cool 40’s instead of the more pleasant 50’s. Weather: After the Sunday and Monday sunshine, more typical October weather moved … Read more

Daily Observations

The weather was nice again today, but the forecast for tomorrow is rain, so I decided to take advantage of the weather and spend much of the afternoon outside. We drove up Harbor Mountain again and this time Connor, Rowan, Melissa, and I hiked up to the top of the bowl and the small summit … Read more

Raptor Identification

I am not a raptor expert. Until this year, I had never caught more than a very brief glimpse of any raptors around Sitka. Even this year, I have only had good looks a couple of times, and those were both looks at a Sharp-shinned Hawk. I first spotted this bird as we stopped at … Read more