Daily Observations

Looking Northwest from Harbor Mountain

Sunny skies prevailed today. I had a basketball game early this afternoon, but after that we went up Harbor Mountain and took a walk up to the left of the bowl.

Weather: It was mostly clear throughout the day. Winds seemed to be calm for the most part, though I think there were some pretty good thermals coming up from Harbor Mountain.

Birds: Just got a brief glimpse of the hawk out Sawmill Creek Road today.

I saw one hawk on Harbor Mountain that was too far away for me to identify. A little later we got a really good look at a young Northern Harrier. It came up close to the ridge where we were standing. It slowly gained elevation before it soared off to the south. Connor was the first one to see the harrier and point it out. He felt pretty good about that, I think.

Flora: Many of the plants on Harbor Mountain had lost most of their leaves. There were still a few blueberries to be found on some of the bushes, though the leaves were gone. We found a few trailing raspberries in various stages of ripeness.

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