Daily Observations

Sparrow on Devil's Club

I managed to get on a walk down to Totem Park this morning, but otherwise did not spend too much time outside.

Weather: Mostly clear this morning, with clouds moving in by early afternoon. There were small breaks in the clouds before overcast skies came to dominate by late afternoon. Rain held off until after dark.

Birds: Hundreds of gulls were hanging out down at the park. I only saw 5 shorebirds. They were flying off from near the river mouth and sounded like Black Turnstones.

While talking with the park biologist we saw a pair of ducks flying. One looked distinctly smaller than the other, so it may have been a Mallard and Teal, but the lighting wasn’t great and the birds were pretty far away. OUt off shore or of the river mouth were several ducks that may have been Surf Scoters.

I heard a flicker and saw several warblers on my way around the park beach. On the way back through the woods I heard a woodpecker. I think it was a Hairy Woodpecker.

A Great Blue Heron landed in the estuary (the tide was in to the edge of the grasses) and began fishing as I made my way back to the trail.

I saw two sparrows that I think may have been Golden-crowned Sparrows, but I didn’t get a great look. They were initially along the alder fringe near the estuary before flying into the woods where they stopped in a Devil’s Club thicket to eat some berries (see photo above).

Other Notes: I saw two or three dragonflies today. They seemed to be taking advantage of the warm dry weather to hunt for insect prey.

There were quite a few dead salmon along the beach at the park. Near the river the smell of dead fish was noticable.

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