Daily Observations


I did not spend too much time outside today, but I did walk downtown and took a detour by Swan Lake on my way back.

Weather: Rain fell for much of the day. Winds were calm around campus. This evening as the sun was setting a break in the clouds moved over Sitka Sound towards town (see photo above).

Birds: Many birds are still moving through. I saw more Savannah Sparrows on the campus lawn. There was a warbler in the trees near the laundry building. Lots of starlings were out on the lawn at various times during the day.

At Swan Lake I saw the usual assortment of Mallards, but no other waterfowl. I did see one Red-necked Phalarope land on some of the yellow pond lily leaves, however.

Other Notes: On my way home, I saw a dragonfly flying around near the back of Hames Gym. It looked like a darner to me, but I do not know what species.

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