Daily Observations

Varied Thrush

It was a fairly busy day at school today, so I did not have a chance to spend too much time outside.

Weather: Overcast with a little bit of rain and some wind. I think it was pretty windy for part of the day, but it did not seem too bad around campus.

Birds: In addition to the Steller’s Jay that has been coming around our place to get peanuts, two more showed up today. I think they are probably the ones I saw near Yaw last week. The first one has become pretty bold, it will regularly take peanuts from our hands (though it does move quickly).

There were several robins and Varied Thrushes around the house when I came home this afternoon. One thing that I found strange was the thrush that seemed inclined to act like a woodpecker or creeper. It kept landing on the side of tree trunks and picking at things on and under the bark. I do not remember seeing this before.

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