Savannah Sparrow

It’s been a busy week and I have not had the time or energy to do any entries.

Weather: It’s been pretty wet the last couple of days. Thursday it was noticably warmer than it had been. Snow level was up above 3000 feet for most of the past couple of days, but I noticed it down on the high points of Gavan Hill today.

Birds: I have not been to the park lately, but around the house I have heard what I believe is a Townsend’s Warbler and Winter Wrens frequently. Sometimes I hear a Northern Flicker in the distance. The robins have been fairly active around. On campus today I saw at least four Savannah Sparrows feeding in the lawn near the greenhouse.

Flora: The lupine are coming up in the yard. The infertile stems of the horsetail are also coming up. Spring has definitely been slow in coming this year, but I suspect as soon as we get a couple of warmer sunny days, things will seem to green up in a hurry.

Fauna: The deer are back around again. I’m not sure how far away they went, but they’ve been seen around campus frequently in the last few days. There were three of them out on the quad yesterday. This morning I saw one eating salmonberry leaves behind our house. Connor saw one behind the house later in the morning and there was a second one in front of our house as well.

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