Daily Observations

Juvenile Bald Eagle

The busy days do not look likely to let up for the next week or two, so I probably will have a hard time keeping up with the updates. Today I managed to get on a short walk to Totem Park a little after noon.

Weather: Overcast with light rain this evening. The wind was out of the South or Southeast. A fairly steady breeze.

Birds: On my walk to the park I saw a yellow-legs, two Semipalmated Plovers, juvenile Bald Eagle perched on a rock, a few Buffleheads, a few Mallards, a mixed flock of shorebirds (mostly Black Turnstones, I think), and a Loon in the junkhole (between the mouth of Indian River and the drive that leads to Cannon Island).

Flora: There was a mountain ash tree with most of its leaves out at the park, though it seemed to be quite far ahead of the other mountain ash nearby.

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