More Herring

They apparently did not reach the quota of herring in the opening yesterday, so they opened the fishery up for another hour this afternoon. Although I did not hear the official boundaries, it appeared that they were similar to yesterday’s. Melissa, Connor and I walked down to Lincoln street beach to watch. Unlike yesterday, there were some boats that put their nets out quite close where we could easily observe. We watched for awhile and the one that was closest seemed to have an empty net while another boat that was only a short distance away must have caught quite a few as it was soon surrounded by the larger tenders. Unfortunately, the larger boats blocked my view of what was going on. After we arrived home a little later, we could see activity from through our window. There were fish being transferred from one boat to another, so someone must have caught some fish.

There seemed to be far more bird activity today than yesterday. I think there were at least 40 or 50 eagles flying around the boats, in addition there were numerous gulls. The eagles would swoop down to pick fish out of the water. After we got back home, an eagle flew up and landed in a tree near our place. It was carrying a herring in its talons, but it took off again to eat it elsewhere.

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