Leaves in the Cold

Over the last couple of days I have noticed that the evergreen broad leaf plants seem to respond to the cold. The leaves on the rhodedendrons are normally fairly flat, but now they are very much curled. The ground dogwood leaves seem thinner and more fragile than usual. I’ll have to pay attention to see … Read more

More on Birds

I went out this afternoon with the intention of looking for kinglets where I saw them yesterday. However, before I made it down to the lower edge of the trees, I stopped to sit in the sun out of the wind and listen to the birds for a while. There was fairly constant bird noise … Read more

Bird Notes

Despite the cold air, the birds seem to be pretty active today. I heard many singing in the trees near the drive. I also heard a woodpecker drilling on a tree in the backyard. After waiting and watching for a little bit, I saw it fly off to some other trees, but it was too … Read more