As I mentioned in a couple of other entries for today, it’s been pretty cold here. It seems interesting to me that even people who are from places where it gets much colder than it does here, seem to think it feels colder here than it really is. It is almost like it’s a disappointment … Read more


Despite the cold, the spring flowers seem to be doing okay. I saw a daffodil getting ready to bloom. It was not open yet, but the yellow was showing. I imagine that the next time it warms up enough, it will open up.


It was quite clear today and I noticed a couple of interesting things as I looked towards the horizon. The horizon appeared to have a roughness rather than flat and the islands in the far distance seemed to be floating. It was windy today and I considered the possibility that the roughness was due to … Read more

Bird Notes

I went down to the breakwater today and went to the corner across from the hatchery. A couple of mergansers that had been there swam off over near the far shore on the other side of the hatchery when they saw me. I sat and waited for some time, hoping they might come back to … Read more