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Bear Mountain Flora (part 4 – Other Novelties)

Roseroot (Sedum roseum) Other Posts in the series: Bear Mountain Flora (part 1) Bear Mountain Flora (part 2 – Saxifrages) Bear Mountain Flora (part 3 – Aster Family) This is (finally) the last post about the plants I found on … Continue reading

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15 July Photos: A Trip with Connor to Medvejie Lake

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Connor and I rode out to Bear Cove, hiked up to Medvejie Lake, canoed across, then reversed our route. It was an enjoyable trip. For more about the trip, see Bike, Hike and Paddle to Medvejie Lake.

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20 February Photos: Morning Kayak Trip and Sandy Beach Surfing

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Most of these pictures were taken this afternoon while at Sandy Beach. The Marbled Murrelets were seen while kayaking this morning.

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