Harbor-Gavan Trail

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Connor and I hiked Harbor Mountain to Gavan Hill for his 7th birthday.

Bear Mountain Flora (part 4 – Other Novelties)

Roseroot (Sedum roseum) Other Posts in the series: Bear Mountain Flora (part 1) Bear Mountain Flora (part 2 – Saxifrages) Bear Mountain Flora (part 3 – Aster Family) This is (finally) the last post about the plants I found on a hike up Bear Mountain earlier this month. This will be sort of a catch-all … Read more

Bear Mountain Flora (part 2 – Saxifrages)

Leatherleaf Saxifrage (Leptarrhena pyrolifolia) (second in a multipost series: Bear Mountain Flora part 1) Several species of saxifrage seem to be quite happy above the treeline. Some species were abundant (and still flowering) in the moist seeps, forming a lush rock garden along with other plants that grew there. Other species were found in drier … Read more

Bear Mountain Flora (part 1)

A lush patch of Leatherleaf Saxifrage (Leptarrhena pyrolifolia) growing in a seep on a rocky slope. I ended up with so many different plants I wanted to mention (and show photographs of), that I decided to break up my comments and questions into more than one entry. In this first entry I will give an … Read more