View from Harbor Point

Stiff north or east winds often accompany these clear and cold stretches of weather. Fortunately, for the most part, where I live in the downtown area does not get hit by these winds. Gavan Hill, the Sisters and Verstovia seem to create a nice wind break. However, these winds do funnel through some passes and … Read more

Windy Weather 

Conditions out at the Cape Edgecumbe buoy are fierce today. Could be worse though, the other day I saw there were 50+ foot seas south of the Alaska penninsula during a storm there. I often wonder what it would be like to see waves crashing in on the headlands of the outer coast on days … Read more

No Accumulation (so far)

I didn’t end up taking any pictures today, but there was some snow on colder surfaces (like vehicles) first thing this morning. There wasn’t really any on the ground, and even the snow on vehicles melted off on its own by late this morning. There were occasional snow flakes falling, and later this evening maybe … Read more

A Taste of Winter?

Today’s weather continued the recent trend of clouds to the south of town, blue skies to the north (and somewhat to the east). Forecasts were calling for high winds, but things were reasonably calm in town. A look out towards Eastern Channel suggested it wasn’t so calm elsewhere, however. I talked to a couple of … Read more

Swan Lake Fog

Fog this morning gave way to partly sunny skies by noon. It seemed as though the fog had lifted and gone completely, though I was not really a position where I could observe a wider area. By mid-afternoon (2:30-3pm) fog had moved back in. Leaving the middle school there was some fog around, but I … Read more

Storm Followup

Overnight I woke up multiple times to sound of wind and rain, so eventually things did pick up. I took a look at the wind map for last evening and 6pm and 9pm (local time). It was interesting to see the tightly wrapped winds (presumably around the low) at 6pm south of Baranof Island (see … Read more