Last Snow on the Pyramids

A tiny patch of snow is all that remains on the Pyramids on 11 June of this year I was interested to see the photo below show up on one of today’s “on this date in” links. In contrast to this year when the snow was off by mid-June, back in 2008 there was still … Read more

Returning Rain

Last summer was pretty warm and sunny, so I guess that can help the trees load up on energy to produce flowers the following year. That seems to be the case this year for many of the apple and cherry trees around town this year. At least I don’t remember seeing quite so many flowers … Read more

Khutaandé yaa khunahéin

The past few days have been overcast with occasional light rain showers, and today was no different. Sometimes the cloud layer has been down low on the mountainsides, obscuring the rapidly melting snow higher up. Other times just the tallest peaks have been partially obscured by tendrils drifting down from the continuous layer of clouds. … Read more

Late Bloomers

Late season flowers on a European Mountain Ash (Sorbus aucuparia). While walking home one day last week, I noticed some light-green new looking growth on a Mt. Ash (Sorbus aucuparia) along the Lincoln Street green belt adjacent to Crescent Harbor. A little further along, I noticed a tree that had a few flowers. This struck … Read more

Late Summer Birds

It seemed like for most of the summer the small song birds were fairly quiet around the neighborhood. I have noticed that in the last couple of weeks I am hearing more calls from these birds again. My brother suggested that perhaps they were quiet while raising young and now they are out and about … Read more