Early April Gray

Overcast with some rain.

I went out this afternoon with the thought that I might walk the Starrigavan ATV trail and hope for a grouse to call.

When I got out that way and found a steady rain falling, I decided I was not that ambitious.

It looked like at least some herring spawn was taking place from near Sea Mart out as far as Kerr’s Island. I couldn’t really tell how much of it was active spawning versus remnants of earlier spawning still coloring the water.

I looked at the channel, where it was mostly quiet. A few Long-tailed Ducks and mergansers were on the water. Perhaps a few dozen gulls total.

I got a report of a Ring-necked Duck on Swan Lake earlier in the day. I checked from my car when I was headed out, but didn’t spot it. On my way back, I got out and looked from the peninsula. I saw both Greater and at least one Lesser Scaup, but still didn’t find a Ring-necked Duck. This is one of the few winters I remember where I didn’t see any. I would expect some will show up on the lake this spring, and if not, then in the fall.

I made a brief stop to check moths at the park. I didn’t see as many of the Malacodea pulchraria moths as yesterday, but there were still a few.

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