Cedar Waxwings at the Golf Course

Overcast this morning, with rain starting this afternoon. Given the forecast for rain later in the day, I decided to get out this morning. Folks have reported Cedar Waxwings at Starrigavan lately, so initially I was thinking I would go there. I did drive out there, but then decided to spend my time at the … Read more

Clouds and Plants on Harbor Mountain Trail

Photojournal from June 22nd. Mostly cloudy, minimal wind, and little rain. This afternoon I went up Harbor Mountain to look for young Arrowleaf Senecio Senecio triangularis and American saw-wort (Saussurea americana). Clouds were hanging around the level of the trail, so at times I was below and other times I was in them.

Moths and More

Another overcast day, though the rain mostly held off. Tomorrow is forecast to have even less chance of rain than today, but Wednesday, Thursday, and into Friday is looking more like an early fall event, with wind and a couple inches of rain expected around Sitka. I spent even less time outside today, but did … Read more

Rainy Solstice

Overcast this morning, with rain (including some heavy rain) and wind this afternoon. Today was mostly an inside day. A couple of spotted tussock moths (Lophocampa maculata) had been attracted to the lights on the porch. This evening at ultimate, rain was falling at the beginning, though it let up by the end. My iNaturalist … Read more

Beaver Lake Trail

Low clouds and drizzle greeted me this morning, though other than a brief bit the precipitation had ended by midmorning and the clouds began to lift. I walked up Beaver Lake trail to the lake this afternoon. In addition to getting up hill a bit, I also wanted to look for marsh violets (Viola epipsila). … Read more