Little Magic Island and Magic Island

Clear. Frosty overnight with temperatures in the 40s. Becoming breezier as the day progressed.

The tide has been trending well below predicted. After a call this morning I went to Little Magic Island to check the tidepools.

I forgot my light which limited what I could try and photograph, especially when I realized the camera light ring wasn’t working very well in the water.

The water is looking murkier. I think the plankton blooms have started.

It also seemed to be molting day for the crustaceans. I saw barnacle molts and at least one hermit crab molt in the pools.

I was back at my car and had just set my camera down when I noticed something on the surface of the water not far off shore. Just a moment later a whale surfaced. It’s tail came up and disappeared before I could get my camera up for photos.

The whale was travelling parallel to the shore heading north, so I went to Magic Island to see if I might get a better opportunity for photos there.

I did see it from Magic Island, it had moved further out.

A bumblebee flying about didn’t land where I could see, so I wasn’t able to document it (and see what species). It’s the first I’ve noticed this year.

There were not many gulls in the channel.

I didn’t hear whether there was additional spawning today.

Today I worked on cleaning out my email inbox. I got it down to under 35 (it’s been between 90 and 200 for several months or maybe even a year). My target is under 15, but I’ve rarely managed to keep it there for long. I’ve got some ideas I’ll try for managing my email better.

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  1. Thanks Blain – that’s probably true. I haven’t incorporated that into my routines of dealing with photos, getting them published here and into iNaturalist has usually been as much (or more) than I could manage. I’ll try and check HappyWhale out and see how easy it is use (with lots of photos from over the years)

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