Food Web Cruise and Rainy Day Bazaar

Overcast and cooler today. Snow fell overnight, and later this afternoon. There was not any significant accumulation.

After finishing up my setup for the Rainy Day Bazaar and leaving Connor to take care of my table, I headed over to the harbor for the Food Web Cruise.

Fortunately, winds were reasonably calm, and the swell had settled down a bit, so it was relatively smooth cruising.

We spent most of our time out along the eastern shore of Kruzof near Inner Point. We saw plenty of whales, but they did not seem especially organized in their behavior (i.e., no bubble netting).

I did not see many of birds. A few scattered murres and cormorants. I was talking to others for a lot of the trip, so certainly didn’t spot everything. I watched more carefully during the faster moving part of the trip when we headed in, but gulls, murres, eagles, and cormorants were mainly what I noticed.

From the harbor, I went back to the Rainy Day Bazaar and took over from Connor. He said things had gone fine, that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be (he might have even enjoyed himself a bit from the sounds of it).

I had my best single day of sales so far. My picture of the full moon rising over the Sisters continues to be popular. It and the variations of the moon setting behind the lighthouse are easily my best sellers. The pair of Cedar Waxwings and photo of a Bald Eagle coming in to land are also popular. All of those combined still made up less than half my print sales (18 out of 48 in various sizes, but mostly 4×6).

After finishing up my radio show, it the light was fading. I liked the snowy mountain look, so stopped by Crescent Harbor to get some photos.

This evening it felt good to just sit in one place and not need to talk after a long day full of activity.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

2 thoughts on “Food Web Cruise and Rainy Day Bazaar”

  1. “ not need to talk.” I know this isnt professional but about forty years ago and over the years you were in my classes… I would have loved to hear that! You were wonderful to have in class but…
    I love your site…so very well done and informative.
    Do you remember our trip to the beach for seaweed ID and then went back to the classroom to cook it?
    Mrs. D.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you are enjoying the site!

    I had to laugh about the implication that I might have talked too much when I was younger! For better and worse, I still have the gift of gab, though I like to think I channel it better and most of the time usually some idea of when it might be good to be quiet for a spell. 🙂 That said, even for me, a full day of talking (especially in noisy environments) gets to be a bit much for my voice (hence my comment in the post).

    I remember quite a few things about your classes (lights, the logic puzzles using those grids, weaving, making soap), but I’m not remembering a trip to the beach to ID seaweed. Considering where I’ve ended up, I was remarkably uninterested in natural history sorts of things when I was young.

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