Birds on a Breezy Sunday

Overcast and breezy. Light rain becoming heavy. Temperatures near 40. Snow level down to 1000 feet or less.

While out and about today, I drove by Moller Park and saw the Sandhill Crane there for the first time in a couple of weeks. It’s been reported a couple of times by others since the last time I saw it a couple of weeks ago, so I was not surprised it was still around. I have been checking Moller most days, and haven’t seen it. I’m curious where it’s been spending more of its time.

I walked a circuit of Japonski Island with Kitty. Perhaps it was the chilly wind, but we didn’t see much bird activity. Mostly one flock of juncos near Coast Guard housing, and the water birds in the channel.

I did spot what I’m reasonably confident was a Horned Puffin in the channel. I didn’t get photos and saw it only briefly a couple of times, and quite distant. However, the compact shape, white breast and black upper parts are distinctive. Given how unusual they are most winters, I probably wouldn’t have been willing to call it that if I hadn’t already seen one in the area recently.

Three of us showed up for ultimate this evening. Fortunately the heavy rain held off during the half an hour we played catch. Gusty winds made it challenging to throw accurately and catch at times.

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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