Pherson Street Rock

Low clouds and fog drizzle through much of the day.

I didn’t spend much time outside today, but did go for a drive.

I checked some bird spots, and didn’t see anything unexpected.

The coot was at the lake, but not the Wood Ducks. I didn’t cross paths with the crane today.

I was considering walking part of the cross trail and drove up to the end of Pherson Street to see if there was any ice on the trail there. I didn’t see any right at the beginning (but ultimately decided to spend more of the day at home to visit with my parents before they leave tomorrow, and to work on projects instead).

Before leaving I spent time looking to see what was growing on a ~3ft tall boulder adjacent to the road. I only made observations of a couple of lichens and a moss, but there was much more there. I will probably go back to look again soon.

My main project of the day was writing a post about my bird calendar. The main frustration was figuring out how to set up a way to get money from people with the square website (I’ve been using point of sale stuff with them when doing vendor markets this summer, but this is the first time I’ve tried setting something up where people could order/pay online).

My iNaturalist Observations for Today

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