Short-eared Owl

Overcast and calm. Temperatures peaked near freezing, with overnight lows in the mid 20s or so.

I got a report of Short-eared Owls at the airport just before sitting down for lunch.

After a hurried lunch, I headed out and was able to see and get photos of a Short-eared Owl (#178) flying over the grassy area between the runway and fence.

It mostly stayed down towards the lagoon. I could see it, but not especially well. I waited hoping it might fly back up towards the old long term parking.

Before long, some ravens took notice of it and began harassing it a bit. It flew higher and higher and out towards the sound. Eventually the ravens gave up, and last I saw it, it was flying high towards Kruzof.

I spent a little more time looking around on Japonski Island, then made another pass by the airport in case the second one might be around. I thought I might have seen it by the lagoon as I was driving down the road. It was not a good enough look to be sure, and I did not see whatever it was again.

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