Slowly Warming Under High Pressure

It was cold overnight, but warmer today. Despite how warm it seems in direct sun, I noticed it still feels quite chilly in the shade or where wind blows.

It wasn’t as windy today as it had been yesterday (I didn’t see much snow blowing off mountains today – I hadn’t looked yesterday, but saw photos someone else posted showing lots of snow blowing off).

Although predicted to be a fairly typical -0.5 to -1ft during this low tide series, the high pressure has pushed the tides to run as much as a couple feet below predicted the past day or two.

Connor walked around the Crescent Harbor breakwater checking out the low intertidal during low intertidal today.

I didn’t get out, as I was focused on other work for much of the day.

I did get my radio show ready this afternoon and took a side trip to look at Silver Bay.

I’m continuing to make progress on mopping up inaturalist observations from 2017 – the first quarter is nearing completion.

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