Rainy Beaver Lake Loop

I woke this morning to the sound of wet weather – rain drops on the roof, and cars driving on wet roads. Rain continued through much of the day – with the forecast for more to come into the weekend. It’s been fairly dry here this year (at least by Southeast Alaska standards), so it’s … Read more

A Break from Sunny Days?

Another sunny day with sea breezes during the day. At least I’m guessing it was sea breezes. The overall wind pattern for the broader area showed light winds, and the day started calm (with frost on the ground), but wind picked up in the area around where I live during the day before dying back … Read more

Starrigavan Loop

This Sunday’s outing was a walk of the Starrigavan Recreation area foot trails. Starting from Old Sitka parking lot, we walked the Ben Grussendorf (Forest and Muskeg) trail, around the Estuary Life Trail, and then the Mosquito Cove loop. All in it was about 3.7 miles. Weather was sunny and pleasant, though the breeze was … Read more

Afternoon Sprinkles

It’s been remarkably nice spring weather the past few days, with plenty of sunshine and reasonably warm temperatures (in both cases by Sitka standards, at least), but today started overcast, and the clouds thickened until it started raining a bit this afternoon. Rowan and I went up Verstovia for the third time this week. We … Read more

Questions About Verstovia Mosquitoes

On this relatively warm and sunny day I decided it was time to go for the second (1200ft) viewpoint on Verstovia Trail for the first time this year. Distance wise, the second viewpoint is well over halfway to picnic rock, but it just under the halfway point elevation-wise. We made steady progress up past the … Read more

Verstovia Trail Flowers

On today’s trip up Vestovia trail, I noticed the fern-leaved goldthread (Coptis aspleniifolia) was blooming along with some of the blueberries in the set of switchbacks between the Verstovia stairs and the last section before the viewpoint. It was interesting to see them blooming here relatively early. It’s possible there are some blooming down closer … Read more