Sea Mart View

I got up this morning to find that it had rained earlier. I don’t think there was a lot of rain, but the ground was wet at least. Overcast conditions prevailed through the morning, though no additional rain (that I noticed) fell. By mid afternoon, clouds started breaking up, and by this evening it was quite sunny around town. Unlike over the past month however, the wind down on the water was coming out of the south/southwest. It looked like a band of clouds was moving in from the west. By late this evening the radar showed at least a couple of bands of pretty good rain moving in from the west, so I suspect sometime not long after midnight, that will arrive and we’ll get a good soaking.

Things are pretty quiet around the swallow nest. There’s often a bird sitting in the nest, and not much in and out. It will be interesting to see the activity level ramp up when the young hatch.

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