Gulls on the Ramp

A slightly less hectic day, I did have a meeting over at UAS for a project I’ve been working on. Since I now have a working bicycle again, I thought it would be good to take it rather than drive (which I’ve probably been doing more of then is optimal for my levels of physical activity). The sun came out through a break in the clouds, but dark mass of clouds were over the sound and I thought I might have to deal with some rain on the way home. As it turned out, I don’t think there was more than a few drops of rain throughout the day.

There are still quite a few gulls in the Channel, so I took a few minutes to scan them for anything that looked unusual to me. I didn’t find anything, but did grab a couple of pictures of gulls that were loafing on the ramp. A couple I’m pretty confident are Thayer’s Gulls, but the one shown at the top of this post I’m less sure about. I think it’s a Herring Gull because of the relatively larger size, very dark primaries, and relatively larger bill. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out I’m incorrect however. If anyone larophiles out there see this, please leave me a comment with your thoughts!

This evening at ultimate (formerly “ultimate frisbee” – though apparently the ‘frisbee’ part has been dropped, as it’s a trademark of the Wham-O corporation; the wikipedia page for ‘frisbee’ redirects to ‘flying disc’) I noticed a few decent-sized insects flying about. One in particular appeared to be a moth. Given the bulk, I’m suspecting it was a noctuid of some sort, but it seems quite late in the year (not that it’s been especially cold yet).

I noticed this evening that I’m up over 2000 posts on the blog. Due to my practice of backdating photojournals, if/when I catch up with my backlog of photos, there were certainly be many more than that showing up prior to this date, but in terms of actually getting things posted, it seems like a bit of a milestone.

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