Morning Low Tide and Spectacular Evening Skies

This morning the kids and I took advantage of sunny weather and a low tide to visit John Brown’s Beach and check out some of the work being done by some visiting scientists. They were setting up experiments in about 20 small tide pools. At the time they were simply working on the setup and getting preliminary measurements that they would use to compare with similar measurements taken during and after the treatments were applied. In this case they planned to either warm tide pools or increase acidity (by bubbling CO2 through). [I later spoke with them for my radio show about their experiment and more]

This evening I happened to notice the sunset was shaping up to be pretty colorful, so I quickly went down to Swan Lake and took a flurry of photos over about 10 minutes of one of the more spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. While I was working on processing them, I noticed that noctilucent clouds appeared to be forming, so I went out again around midnight to get some pictures of them.

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