Story of the Day

Thursday is call day, and this week’s topic of conversation was about the “story of the day” routine from Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature. For me, it’s pretty clear that this weblog is the primary means by which I tell my story of the day. I’ve noticed that it’s far more effective when I keep up with it (which I’ve been doing more consistently in the past couple of months) – but even when all I have are photos without much story, the process of revisiting those photos, remembering where I took them, and what they taught me has been a valuable part of my growth in understanding of the natural world around me.

It was another sunny day, and I did make it for a brief walk around the park. I did note the hemlocks are still pretty yellow despite some recent rain.

This evening I worked to photograph and organize various insect collections. I have had difficulty over the years keeping track of things that are growing and/or waiting to emerge. I generally find the adults sometime later when they’re dried up and not so identifiable. I’m trying to keep a better record this year (which includes keeping the holding jars in a place where it’s easy for me to keep seeing them.

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