Caddisfly and Blue Lake Campground Flora

This entry is part 110 of 133 in the series 2011 Photojournal

Rowan caught a caddisfly along the lower part of Gavan Hill trail and carried it home for me to photograph. Later in the day I took some pictures of plants at Blue Lake Campground. In particular, I was interested to see how much the buds of Ribes plants had already developed. It seemed a bit early to me for that.

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Blue Lake Campground

This entry is part 109 of 133 in the series 2011 Photojournal

Despite the damp and cool weather, I was inspired to take pictures of several bryophytes, mushrooms, and a lichen on a short visit to Blue Lake Campground.

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Beetle Quest

I went along on a mission to find and collect Aegialites beetles. A small shoreline beetle that hangs out in crevices of rocks in the splash zone, some folks are studying their genetics to get a better understanding of the relationships between different populations. During the trip, I was a little surprised to see a … Read more