Gallery: 20101117 Ruddy Duck and Afternoon Sunset

A possible Ruddy Duck was reported on Swan Lake. I was able to find and photograph it, but hope to get better pictures tomorrow. Clear and chilly weather resulted in a reasonably colorful sunset shortly before 4pm this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Gallery: 20101117 Ruddy Duck and Afternoon Sunset”

  1. Are you thinking it’s a winter plumage immature female ruddy? It’s a interesting bird, no doubt. The face patch looks a bit off to me, at least compared with the winter ruddys I see here in PA. I don’t suppose there’s another option, though.

    Carolyn H.

  2. I don’t have any prior experience with Ruddy Duck, but based on what the bird looked like, and what was shown in Sibley’s, I figured this was most likely a juvenile – but he doesn’t differentiate male and female juveniles, so I wouldn’t guess gender. Other people with some Ruddy Duck experience have suggested it looks like a female.

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