WR: Night Thirty

Fairly quiet night. There were some distant owl calls around 5:50 this morning, but nothing clear enough to inspire me to upload a clip. Mostly I’m trying to keep track of how often the owls vocalize. The wind and rain make it hard to say for sure, but it seems like a sizable proportion of days when it’s quiet enough to hear owls without them be right in the back yard, I do catch one at some point during the night.

Mystery Call: This is a very brief single call. It doesn’t sound at all familiar to me.
Download Mystery Call

Bird Calls: This clip consists of the last 30 seconds of Winter Wren calls that lasted for close to two minutes. I’m not sure whether it was alarming something or not. Also of interest is the bird that starts calling in the last few seconds. I think it is a Chestnut-backed Chickadee, but I am not sure about that.
Download Bird Calls

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