WR: Night Thirty-one

There was an Owl calling last night around 12:45 and River Otters chirping around 3 and 5am. This morning there was an interesting intro to Red Squirrel chatter that I’ve included a clip of.

River Otter and Mystery Calls: More of the River Otter and Mystery Calls. In this clip, there is an otter chirping, then the mystery (possibly gull?) call comes in with the otter. It sounds to me like the second type of call is from an animal that’s moving around faster than I would expect an otter to (which would incline me to think it’s a bird), but I am uncertain how well I can actually interpret the spatial cues in these recordings.
Download River Otter and Mystery Calls

Red Squirrel: The rapid call at the beginning of this clip was something I don’t remember hearing before.
Download Red Squirrel

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