WR: Night Twenty-eight

More mystery calls last night. Also caught a distant screech-owl a couple of different times, but did not include a clip since its calls were fairly quiet and did not really sound any different than other ones I’ve posted previously. The wind kicked up a bit as daylight came.

Otter/Mystery Calls: I think the calls at the start of clip are from a River Otter, but I’m not sure. They sound somewhat like the mystery calls that I was thinking might be gulls from the night before. The last couple of calls near the end (after a couple of seconds without any) sound (and look on the spectrogram) qualitatively different, but that could be due to proximity and/or echo effects, I suppose.
Download Otter/Mystery Calls

Otter/Mystery Calls: In this clip I’m pretty confident there are otter chirps, I do not know why a Gull would be calling along with an otter, so this clip makes me suspect that the calls I was thinking were gulls may actually be otter vocalizations.
Download Otter/Mystery Calls

Duck Flight: I am pretty sure the whistling noises in this clip are from the wing feathers of flying ducks. I’m not sure what species (nor whether it is possible to tell the species by this sound). I think they may have flown a circle around the neighborhood, as the sound lasted for longer than I would expect on a direct fly-over (though I didn’t include everything in this clip).
Download Duck Flight

Mystery Call: A single call that I believe I’ve heard before (and included a clip of). It sounds rather shorebird-like, and it occured to me that it may be a Wilson’s Snipe. However, none of the recordings I have found so far of Wilson’s Snipe include a call like this.
Download Mystery Call

Chestnut-backed Chickadees and Wind: Chestnut-backed Chickadees calling while the wind blows through the trees.
Download Chestnut-backed Chickadees and Wind

Raven Calls and Wind: I think this fast calling Raven was flying, but I’m not sure.
Download Raven Calls and Wind

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