Daily Observations

Weather: Overcast, temperatures were in the 40s. There was some light rain. At the lake early this afternoon there seemed to be a wind out of the west. This evening there was light breeze out of the west or northwest.

Birds: At Swan Lake there were still a couple of Lesser Scaups. I also saw a pair of Northern Shovelers, and 3 American Wigeons. Several Savannah Sparrows were on the penninsula.

I saw a Red-tailed Hawk flying across from Swan Lake toward the experimental farm while looking around the muskeg on the beginning of Gavan Trail.

Flora: In the muskeg I noticed a Bog Laurel, Bog Rosemary, and Cloudberry blooming. The Three-leaf Goldthread seems to be well past it’s prime.

I also found a Plectania nannfeldtii.

Other Notes: I saw a deer in the backyard around 10:45 this evening. It was pretty dark and I didn’t get a chance to see whether it was a buck or doe as it passed through the light from the windows.

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