Daily Observations: Alice Island

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Connor and I went out this afternoon to get a couple of plant samples to send to Juneau and look for birds. We gathered the plants relatively close to home, then biked over to the airport to include them in a Goldstreak box. After that, we spent some time birding around Alice Island (see Alice Island Birds entry from earlier today).

Weather: Last night and early this morning it rained pretty hard. Most of the morning and into early afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy skies prevaied. About mid-afternoon the rain started, and there were showers moving through with some pretty heavy rain in some of them, into the evening. Winds were fairly calm.

Birds: There seem to be quite a few Varied Thrushes around. I saw them around the house, and out flying across the road near the longterm parking at the airport.

There were a few Bufflehead at the Wastewater Treatment plant lagoon. A Great Blue Heron flew in and landed on the shore while we were riding by as well.

On Alice Island we saw a couple of Glaucous-winged Gulls in the cove between the island and the runway, a Common Loon, two Merlins, and some European Starlings.

Other Notes: Connor and I ate some crabapples today. They were tart, but better tasting than I remembered.

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