Daily Observations: Swan Lake and Totem Park

Forest in the Clouds

I dropped Rowan off at preschool and picked her up again a couple of hours later (with stops by Swan Lake each time). After taking her around to do some things around town, I dropped her off at home then went for a walk down at the park to catch the high tide.

Weather: It was very wet today. At first the showers were short and there was a fair amount of time between them. Around 1pm (while I was down at the park), it started raining like it meant it and did not stop for the rest of the afternoon. I’m guessing an inch or two of rain fell today. It was fairly windy down at the park. The wind seemed to be coming out of the west.

Birds: Today was a pretty decent day for waterfowl. My first stop by Swan Lake, the two Greater White-fronted Geese were still there and there was a Cackling Goose as well. The second time I stopped by a couple of hours later, there were additionally two Northern Shovelers, two Northern Pintails, and a Green-winged Teal. At the end of Totem Park there was a flock of about 35 Green-winged Teal and Northern Shovelers. I didn’t get great counts, but best I could tell, there were 20-25 teal and the others were shovelers. The Mallards were back in the estuary, and I also saw several Common Mergansers.

On my second trip to Swan Lake, there was a single warbler. I didn’t get a good look at it, so I’m not sure which species. It seemed a bit too bright yellow to be an Orange-crowned Warbler, though.

There were many gulls at the park, including several Black-legged Kittiwakes. The Slaty-backed Gull was also in with the other gulls again.

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