Daily Observations

Yellow Monkeyflower

I went on a relatively quick hike up to Picnic Rock this morning to retrieve my memory card and battery that I left up there yesterday. Fortunately they were right where I thought I had left them (when I realized that I had left them, which wasn’t until I got home). The other time I spent outside was a trip over to the airport to see Connor and Rowan off (they are going to visit their grandparents for a couple of weeks).

Weather: There were low clouds this morning, but not as heavy as yesterday afternoon. They thickened up and it started raining this afternoon. Winds were calm and temperatures were in the upper-50s or lower-60s.

Birds: The ptarmigan weren’t along the trail today. The warblers were still feeding their young, however. The quick hike didn’t leave a lot of opportunity for seeing lots of birds.

There were Barn Swallows flying around over the the open area that formerly had a large tank (at least I think that is what was in there) between the Coast Guard Cutter dock and Sealing Cove.

Flora: I took some pictures of flowers in a roadside open area. Some ‘weeds’ have pretty showy flowers.

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