Daily Observations

Mourning Dove

I heard about a number of interesting birds being seen over the weekend, so I took advantage of the dry weather to go see if I could find any of them.

Weather: After the stormy weather for the last couple of days this mostly cloudy day was a welcome respite.

Birds: I went through Totem Park and heard many birds up in the trees. I was able to see a Hairy Woodpecker. On my way back, I saw several Chestnut-backed Chickadees as well as some warblers.

There was a Mourning Dove feeding in the grasses along the bike bath near Eagle Way. It did not seem too concerned with passing traffic. I never would have seen it if it had not been for a bunch of Savannah Sparrows that flew up as I rode by. I stopped to look at them and noticed the dove feeding pretty near me.

After watching the dove, I went over to check out the birds in the bay. I was able to see some Surf Scoters and Harlequin Ducks in among all of the gulls. I also spotted a Marbled Godwit in among the gulls on shore. I think a godwit is pretty unusual for this time of year.

I intended to go across the bridge to the ramp, but was spent some time talking about a project with someone in Sage. While talking, I saw some birds flying out in Crescent Bay and decided to check them out instead of going over the bridge. There were at least half a dozen storm-petrels flying about not too far out off the breakwater and I spent some time watching them. While watching, I saw a Bald Eagle fly up behind them and dive down. I was far enough away (over by the Crescent Harbor boat ramp) that I could not tell whether it got anything. It flew back to one of the pilings near Sage and when I saw a puff of feathers as it pulled at something in its talons, I knew it had successfully caught a storm-petrel. By the time I was able to get over to the breakwater near the pilings, it had already finished eating. All that was left were some feathers at its feet and in the water around the piling.

Eagle Finishing Meal

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