While hiking up Indian River today, I noticed a leafy lichen growing on trees. It appeared to be a species of Lobaria, perhaps L. pulmonaria. There were some differences between what I observed and what I read in the guide books, so I am not sure. One thing that seemed particular interesting to me was that I only observed it growing on spruce trees. When I first noticed it, I saw it on a two or three different spruce trees in a relatively small area. I did not see it on any of the hemlocks that were also in the area. As I continued on my hike, I looked for it. I saw it a number of other times and in each case it was on spruce trees. This does not mean that it does not grow on hemlock, but it seems odd that I would only see it on spruce. All but one of the spruce trees I saw it on were living. I’ll try to keep this lichen in mind and see if today’s observations were coincidence or indicative of a preference by this lichen for spruce trees.

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